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I post a lot of my own photos and reblog a bunch as well.

Anonymous said: You're welcome I also just love seeing pics of you too because you look amazing in all of them

awh well thank you ! You are too kind.

what is this from? this looks like my kind of show!

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this made me think of you laure-ssence

this made me think of you laure-ssence

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Anonymous said: So you need to post more pics of yourself I really like all of the photos you take. Your just so beautiful in them that I want to see more everyday. It doesn't matter if your in a winter coat all bundled up, in a bikini, or even the few when your in your bra and undies. You always look so amazing and beautiful I want to keep seeing them.

I take a lot of photos! I just dont use this as my main blog anymore!

anything updated goes on my blog and there are links to it on my blog!


but thank you so much I really appreciate it !

Anonymous said: So what's the story with ivy's dad and you?? Glad you're in such a good relationship now.

Garrett and I are co parenting the best we can. We are trying to cordinate where Ivy will go to school and all of that stuff. Garrett and I will always be friends, after all he was my first love and we have a child together.

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Anonymous said: I like how openly sexual you are shows you have a lot of confidence and your comfortable with your body

well thank you! Confidence is the key right?!

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