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To all people menstruating during this blood moon total eclipse, I am jealous and I hope you feel really powerful right now.

That’s really strange because I totally am wtf

second this

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when straight people talk to gays

is that jody mills

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Baby Cayden

Baby Cayden


You ever get excited to see your mom then you hear her speak and you’re instantly annoyed?

Haha story of my lofr

Anonymous said: that show is called bad education :)

thank you <3

Anonymous said: Found it. The gif is from a British TV show called "Bad Education" :)

thank you! I will look for it on netflix ! or maybe buy hulu!

Anonymous said: Did you ever find out what that show was called that you reblogged the gif from about "anonymous" sex education questions. Just curious it looked good. Thanks :)

i havent :( let me know if you find out!!

Anonymous said: You're welcome I also just love seeing pics of you too because you look amazing in all of them

awh well thank you ! You are too kind.

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